Advance Book Review: The Drowning Lesson by Jane Shemilt

A chilling read about a family from the UK who move to Botswana when one of the parents accepts the offer of a research opportunity, but subsequently one of their children goes missing and suspicion falls on the parents and all surrounding them. The detrimental effect on the family as a whole as well as individuals chronicles the hellish nightmare they all endure, but will the whereabouts of missing baby Sam ever be uncovered?

The second chilling novel from Jane Shemilt that I have read and although there are similarities between the family in Daughter, her first novel and this one, the characters are quite different. Shemilt writes with totally convincing accuracy, which only adds to the chill factor of her novels that deal with uncomfortable themes.

Another keep-you-up page turner from a very talented psychological thriller writer. The Drowning Lesson will be published on 24th September 2015, but is available for pre-order from Amazon.

Links to Book:
Amazon UK
Amazon US



  1. I like when the finger is pointing at someone and they have to try and solve a mystery to get the right culprit caught! It can be hard work but there is a lot of suspense! I like the sound of this one :3

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    1. I loved this one too, but at the back of my mind, having read her first book Daughter, I was fighting the urge to call this one formulaic as it seemed to keep to a certain framework. However, still another 5 star read.


  2. A disappointing ending spoiled this book for me. I never really believed that
    Sam would be discovered in this way. Characters were shallow and the theme of things not being what they seemed was forced.

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    1. I had a suspicion that Sam would be found based on the way her first book, Daughter, ended and I assumed it would be in some big twist. I think a lot of readers felt the ending spoilt her first book too.


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