Tinky Doing Better

It’s been about a month since Tinky was diagnosed with chronic renal failure and she’s now a completely different cat to the waif that lay on our bed and would hardly move a month ago.

Since Tinky has been on her new kidney diet she has gained weight and got her appetite back. She’s much more interactive with our other cats and is back to growling at them when they encroach on her territory.

It’s nice to see Tinky once again obsessed with food and she has been known to blackmail us into feeding her 5-6 times a day. We have restricted her to three meals a day as we don’t want her getting an upset tummy and she’s still gaining weight.

It’s nice to see Tinky looking so much better.




    1. Thank you, I’m amazed at just how quickly she responded to the new diet. Her eyes are a vivid green with flecks of gold and are extremely expressive, at the moment they are urging me to feed her again.😁

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      1. They are a breed of domestic cats that were established in the mid-60s by breeding an Asian Leopard Cat to a domestic mixed breed, finally giving us the spotted and marbled cats we have today known as Bengals. They can be quite lively, chatty and dog like.


      2. Hmm. That’s cool. I love cats! I’m hoping to adopt one from the shelter where I volunteer sometime.
        By the way, have you checked out my latest blog posts?


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