Book Review: The Silent Ones by Ali Knight

Olivia Duvall is locked up in a high security hospital for the disappearance and murder of five young girls. she won’t speak of her crimes or the whereabouts of the girls leaving the families in turmoil. Darren is Carly Evans younger brother, Carly is one of the girls who went missing, ten years have passed and his mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer, the clock is ticking to find out about his sister so Darren assumes an alias and applies for a job as a cleaner at the hospital holding Olivia, but will be come close enough to this cold and calculating killer to actually get any information about Carly?

This crime thriller started off very well as I was intrigued by Olivia and just why she was as controlling as she appeared and although the book gave some insights into Olivia’s life, I felt that the story lost focus from it’s most intriguing character. The Story of the disappearance of the girls was compelling and it was hard to see how all the pieces of the puzzle fitted together, but although there was quite a twist the book didn’t answer all the questions that arose and I assume that’s because a sequel will be tackling the next phase in the story.

Overall quite a promising thriller and I hope the next instalment keeps the intrigue going.

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  1. The premise sounds interesting but I don’t know how I feel about books when they seem to be a standalone but then leave you hanging for the next book. It can be done well, if it feels natural, but it can also feel like a sales strategy.

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    1. I’m still intrigued by where the story will go so it succeeded in selling me the next one and I still want to know what happened to Olivia to make her so calculating, but there’s still a killer to catch too.


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