Book Review: The Cage Legacy by Nicolas Conley

Ethan is seventeen years old, a bright kid but he’s had an awful start in life. At the age of ten his world was turned upside down and he has tried to distance himself from his malevolent father, but he remains troubled. His mother has issues of her own and his younger sister Mary, aged seven is the victim of abuse. Things take a turn for the worse when his past revisits him, can Ethan escape further ill effects caused by his parents?

Starting with a jolt, this dark suspense thriller is artfully written and gives us a real tug of war with Ethan’s character, we constantly root for him as we wonder if he will succumb to the sadistic family legacy or break away from his troubled parents. The book contains much teenage angst as the main protagonist is only seventeen, but I was kept interested by chapter after chapter and loved the way this book culminated into a thrilling end.

Definitely one for suspense/horror fans.

Links to Book:
Amazon UK
Amazon US



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