Book Review: Wounded Animals (Whistleblower book 1) by Jim Heskett

This fast paced mystery suspense conspiracy novella tells us about Tucker Candle, who works in IT for a company, that is relocating effectively leaving him without a job and health insurance. His wife is pregnant and due in three months. One evening drinking in a dive bar Candle meets Kareem, who warns him not to go to Dallas on a training trip for his employers. However, when Candle is called in by his supervisor and told to go in short notice he is unable to divert the inevitable. Once he returns from Dallas he finds his wife gone and a body in his bathroom. Can Candle unravel the disappearance of his wife and find out why someone is messing with him without the body count getting higher?

I loved the mystery suspense aspect of this novella and was hooked into finding out why these series of events were following Candle. He is a likeable and resilient character without being unbelievable and I am intrigued to read THE LEGEND OF KAREEM, as not all mysteries are revealed in this introductory first book.

A quick but intriguing mystery thriller read. This book is available to read for free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Links to Book:
Amazon UK
Amazon US



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