As an OCD sufferer I torment myself from minute to minute with flashbacks of memory and disaffirmations to keep me down. These are ten statements that have made me feel low over the years. A few date back to secondary school and some are a few years old. All were said in a context to wound, subjugate and offend. I hope by putting these statements here I can exorcise the extensive hold they have on my self-esteem and move on without recounting the impact they have on me everyday.

10. I feel bad sending you photos of my new nephew because you’ll never have kids.
9. I don’t want to wait another ten years, like you, to deal with the issue.
8. You were well enough in ICU to post on your Facebook.
7. You must stop blogging.
6. No offense, but even if she was a lesbian she wouldn’t fancy you.
5. We don’t invite you over because you don’t have kids.
4. A genius’ children are always idiots.
3. You were never there for your Mum.
2. You could not stand up in front of an audience like Malala Yousef, could you?
1. Do boys and girls sit the same board exams?