Am I getting pickier over my book choices? 😱

Since I have been counting (early 2013) I have read a total of 462 books (minus perhaps one or two that weren’t listed on Goodreads) to date.


I am convinced I have become quite fussy about books I will read, for obvious reasons my favourite genre of crime thrillers is most hardly hit by my selectivity as originality and the lack of predictability are paramount in this genre. No one wants to read whodunits that are obvious to solve and formulaic books in this genre tend to bore me.


As a result of finding the crime thriller genre somewhat thinned out because I have read so much from it, I have become focussed on the psychological thriller genre instead. I find I have much to discover in this field of books and although I have enjoyed a number of authors writing psychological thrillers it has yet to become formulaic for me.

As I advance in age and the number of books I have read I am definitely easier to irritate and have become more reticent when a book disappoints, but should I be more vocal about books I don’t like?


  1. I usually only review books I have enjoyed, but I could see that wouldn’t work for someone who reads as much as you do. I think being vocal about books you don’t like is fine; just follow the rules of every writing group: constructive criticism only. Based upon what I’ve read of your succinct, insightful reviews, though, I don’t see how you would be anything else. Really enjoy your blog. Thanks!

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    1. I only publish reviews for books I award 4 stars or more at the moment, so have written very few negative reviews, which is something I perhaps ought to change to bring balance to my reviews.

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  2. I would humbly like to recommend my new book-Oklahoma Ghost Dance. it is a historic mystery surrounding the OKC bombing in 95. If you like a challange-my first book Queen Anne’s Revenge is an adventure and a historic mystery. It would be an honor to see where my books rank with all the ones you have read. That is an impressive list.




    1. I humbly request you read the Guidelines for submitting a book for review page of this blog and contact me via the channel requested for a book review. Thank you.


  3. I wonder the same thing regarding bad books. Do I do a review that could dissuade someone else from reading said book and enjoying it? I’ve only ever done one review to date where I just had to let readers know it wasn’t for me because it was a series and I wouldn’t be finishing it.


  4. I’ve thought about this often myself. Since everyone likes different things I would hate to dissuade a person from reading a book just because I didn’t like it. My remedy to this is trying my best to choose books I think I’ll enjoy. Usually I’m correct, but if I’m not I reveal in my review that although it wasn’t a favorite of mine, someone else might appreciate it. As I’ve matured I see no reason to completely bash someone’s hard work. I simply state why it wasn’t for me and pretty much leave it at that.

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    1. I would hate to think I dissuaded anyone from reading a book, it goes against the whole point of my being. My default position is to love what I read and books I haven’t enjoyed haunt me, but I think there is a place for critical reviews, just wish I was more comfortable writing them.

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  5. Interesting post. I write reviews for books I like and those I dislike. Mostly because I like to think further about the issues I had and also about the things I enjoyed. I find that analysing books in this way brings me closer to the books and makes me a more observant reader. I know lots of people prefer to spend time talking about the positive though so I don’t think there is a right or wrong way to do it, just whatever feels right for you.

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    1. I am considering writing more critical reviews as I totally agree this makes you read the book closely and pick up on more subtle nuances. It’s more of a challenge reviewing this way, but I just hope I don’t put readers off books as a result.


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