Book Review: The Other Child by Lucy Atkins

This compulsive psychological thriller tells us about Tess a freelance British photographer, single mother of one son, Joe, who marries an eminent paediatric cardiac surgeon, Greg and relocates to Boston. As well as uprooting her life and career, Tess is pregnant but Greg never wanted children and Tess is not certain his feelings to her pregnancy have changed but she remains optimistic that he will fall in love with their baby once he or she arrives.

However, the move to America is hard work as are her neighbours and Joe faces difficulties settling in. Tess soon discovers odd incidents, which make her question how well she really knows the man she has moved for.

I was consumed by this gripping read and this book is another example of why I love the psychological thriller genre so much. Well written and completely plausible this one will chill you.

Links to Book:
Amazon UK
Amazon US



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