Book Review: The Scarlet Wench ( Nora Tierney series book 3) by MK Graff

I chose to read and review this book for Rosie Amber’s Book Review Team.

The Scarlet Wench is a classy whodunit mystery set in Cumbria at the struggling but charming Ramsey Hall. Nora Tierney, an American children’s author and amateur sleuth, now residing in the UK, is drawn into a web of dangerous pranks when a touring theatre troupe plan to put on a play at Ramsey Hall. From the outset malicious pranks set the suspicion on all the unusual characters that form the cast of the play. The personal stakes for Nora are higher in this book as she has to think of her baby son, Sean.

A truly spellbinding read reminiscent of Agatha Christie but with a modern twist. I could see this book being televised. I loved the way the emphasis was on the characters as the plot unfolded and was deeply drawn into suspecting everyone. The book is well written but I was aware the author was not British when at one point following a car accident a few characters had to go to accident and emergency and there was mention of insurance details required, which of course we don’t require here in the UK as we are privileged to have the NHS. This was the only slip I found in the book and despite not reading the previous two in the series I still enjoyed learning about Nora and co without hindrance.

A very promising series but also a great stand alone read for quaint mystery fans.

Links to Book:
Amazon UK
Amazon US



      1. We take it for granted here to go to the hospital or doctor and not have to pay, so it’s an alien concept for us to think about insurance details etc in the UK when ill. Even though a lot of us moan about the National Health Service.

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      2. When you’re ill money is the last thing you want to worry about. I’m have a number of chronic illnesses and I would be spending a fortune if I had to pay for my meds.

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  1. This book is getting some great reviews, glad you enjoyed it. Agh! Those tricky UK/US details like purse/handbag, yard/garden but useful feedback for the author.


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