Book Review and Tour Stop: Her Last Chance by Danielle Lee Zwissler

This is my first time hosting and reviewing for TJ Virtual Book Tours and I am delighted to be working with the team.

Book Description

Katherine Daniels, advice columnist for High Fashion Magazine, had the life she always wanted in New York: a good job, a city apartment, and a secret crush. On a trip back home to Connecticut to care for her father, one man turned her whole world upside down: Dr. Warren Vance. After being humiliated in NY and pulled into her father’s match-making antics, Kat had to rethink her life. What she didn’t know was that this wasn’t just a second chance, it was her last…

Genre and Sub-Genre:  Romantic Comedy 

Publisher and Publication Date: Firefly & Wisp Books, May 1st, 2015

Book Content Rating:  *4 Not PG-13 – Adult themes/content, some details left to the imagination


I am not a huge romance comedy reader but I loved the spiritual element to this heart-warming novel, which was far from sanctimonious. Katherine is given a second chance from God to find and be with her soulmate, Warren. However, this time she’s a career woman in New York aspiring for her dream job as advice columnist for The New York Times. Her boss is evil and she has had a crush on a co-worker for eight years.

When she gets a call from her mother to help out and look after her father in Connecticut, after an operation scheduled in ten days time, she reluctantly agrees. Just before she leaves she faces a huge humiliation, but Katherine isn’t the type of character likely to go down without swinging. She faces a week of matchmaking, hiding her real employment circumstances and misleading her family, oh and falling for a guy, but will Katherine choose happiness?

Far from predictable this book made me laugh out loud and swoon in parts. I really was rooting for Katherine to make the right choice and I was moved by how deeply spiritual this book really is. There were twists and turns that made this book far from a mundane read and the book had real warmth. Warren is a nice guy and easy to fall win love with. Whilst the book inspired heartfelt emotions in this reader, there were times when I felt exasperated with Katherine, but despite that, she remained likeable throughout the book.

With an easy to like protagonist, who has a meddling family of real characters, particularly Katherine’s father, Bill, this is fun to read and took me four hours to find out if love triumphs. A hugely recommended read for those who enjoy something to lift their spirits. This book is available to read for free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Links to Book:
Amazon UK
Amazon US


About The Author


Danielle Lee Zwissler is an Ohio author. She is a big fan of romance as well as fantasy. She likes her characters to have larger than life personalities, a fair amount of money, and if possible, red hair! 

The first book that she had published was “Her Last Chance” and immediately after was the second book of the Daniels Dynasty,”The Art of Seduction”. Soon after, Books-to-go-Now! put out an erotic title of hers “The Trio of Sin”. 

Now, Danielle is currently working with four different publishers as well as a group of writers called “The Iron Writer Challenge” a challenge in which 5 writers compete against one another with stories that they’ve written of only 500 words! Thus far, Danielle has won 8 out of the 11 challenges that she has taken. 

Currently her list of novels includes several erotica, written under the pen name Heather Lane, western romance, romantic comedies, flash fiction, and soon to be released a young adult fantasy series!


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