Book Review: Skeletal by Katherine Hayton

I devoured this extremely gripping mystery thriller about enthralling protagonist, Daina Harrow. A very bright fourteen year old girl from a troubled single-parent home, whose bones are discovered ten years after she goes missing, in the foundations of an old house that has been denuded and lifted after an earthquake.

How Daina got there, her life and state of mind just before she goes missing are all discovered as a series of witnesses are called to testify in coroner’s court. The story is told largely from Daina’s point of view posthumously, which caught my imagination right from the very first page. Even though we know at the start of the book that things do not end well for Daina, I felt a huge amount of affinity for this character, who had so much going for her, despite her difficult circumstances.

This mystery thriller totally blew me away and I cannot recommend it enough. Skeletal is available to read for free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Links to Book:
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    1. Yes I have read Lovely Bones and thought of the book as I read this one. This is different in that the chapters alternate between Daina being present as a spirit at coroner’s court and Daina recalling what happened to her back in 2004. This book is edgier than Lovely Bones in my opinion, but if you enjoyed Lovely Bones you will enjoy this one.

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      1. You may want to try “A Caribbean Mystery” first. The two are related, with the “Nemesis” story unfolding out of the other one.


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