Book Review: Fatal Redemption First in the Sally Will Series by Lou Kilzer and Mark Boyden

A complex thriller, which starts out about an aspiring killer for hire, Mr Wood, who makes waves by killing a man in the witness protection programme. Journalist Sally Will sees a pattern and is first to find the links between Mr Wood’s kills, but no one is convinced, except her boyfriend retired FBI agent Lou Elliot. In the meantime NSA leak details of a Russian mob hit on US soil, which is too good to not follow through, landing Sally square in the crosshairs of the Russian mob.

This intricately woven thriller is compelling not just because of it’s fine plot but because you get hooked into the characters, both good and bad. The themes of mobsters: Russian and American, news hounds, NSA, CIA, retired FBI agents and a creative neophyte killer with a challenging job to complete, makes for an unputdownable conspiracy thriller with just the right amount of political intrigue. This is definitely well written and not to be missed by thriller fans.

Links to Book:
Amazon UK
Amazon US



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