The life blood of this blog are the wonderful books that come my way for review. At any one given time I usually have over fifty books for review on Kindle. However, as of this week I am down to twenty-three, not because I have a lack of review requests, my email box still has 9527 emails left to open despite me going through May, April and most of March’s review requests.

For months (sorry) I have been by and large dodging review request emails. The majority are still in my inbox and I am going through them now. The reason for my reluctance is not so much choosing books that appeal, but dealing with authors/publicists who send me review requests without ever having visited my blog. These authors/publicists have no interest in whether their book is a fit for my tastes and have even less regard for my supposed grandiose guidelines to submit a book for review, but I cannot just disregard the request and feel every book should be given a chance, which invariably leads to time spent emailing etc, rather than reading.

However, my heart is lifted my the number of authors who do read the blog and attach the correct file making my life infinitely easier and allowing me to get on with the reading, which is what I love to do the most. I am very excited about books that will be coming up for review in the following weeks and look forward to sharing my pick of the crop with you.