Book Review: The Selection by Keira Cass

This futuristic YA Romance kept me up all night!

Post-World War Four, in the kingdom of Illea, the time has come for crowned Prince Maxon to choose his bride, which he must following the traditional of The Selection. Thirty-Five young ladies are chosen to live in the Royal Palace in a set-up very much like The Batchelor.

America Singer is one of The Selection, torn away from a boy she loves due to the differences in their societal standings she befriends the young Prince and offers him friendship. However, within that friendship a kernel of something more starts to grow. Will America make the cut to become on of The Elite?

YA Romance is not my genre of choice and I have never watched an episode of The Bachelor, but this story captured my imagination. Despite being a socially isolated teenager, America is very likeable and a character with real spirit , in whom I quickly became very invested.

This is my favourite YA book of 2015, I am totally gushing about this book and I’m only sorry I’m late to this party and look forward to finding out what happens to America.

Links to Book:
Amazon UK
Amazon US



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