Advance Book Review: Woman Without Fear by J.P. Touzeau

Trinity Silverman is a successful career woman , who is in Las Vegas to give presentations for her company. Trinity has always been wracked with anxiety and a sleepless night at the Charlie Palmer Steak Bar at Four Seasons Las Vegas leads her to meet a man who offers her pills that will make her fearless. Cynical about his claims, Trinity still takes him up on his offer and miraculously she faces her fears the next day head on. Surprised and delighted, she also gives a pill to a friend she makes at the hotel, but things start to unravel when Trinity strikes up a romance and inexplicable events ensue.

I found this book totally engaging once I got over the surrealism of Trinity travelling everywhere with her pet snail, Speedy, who acts as an emotional thermometer in this book. There is no doubt this book is filled with magic and intrigue, not to mention a lot about snails, which I came to find quite charming.

I loved this surreal little book, which doesn’t seem to have lost anything in translation and I am eager to read the next volume as soon as it is available.

Woman Without Fear is available for pre-order, release date 19th May 2015, it will also be available to read for free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Links to Book:
Amazon UK
Amazon US



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