Seasonal Review Disturbance

Regular readers of my blog may have noticed that my rate of posting has slowed recently. This is because I have read a couple of books I didn’t award enough stars to post about here and also I have had the ‘flu for a week now.

My last book review seemed a bit sparse to me and this is because I could not find the words to express how much And The Mountains Echoed touched me. The central theme about two siblings separated resonated with me. However, any separation I have with siblings is voluntary and not as a result of war or poverty. This is very sad indeed and I am far from proud of the circumstances. I own my part in our current estrangement and if I’m being ruthlessly honest, the ball has always been in my court. If only I had the courage to act.


I hope my usual reading rate resumes soon and I look forward to telling you more about the books I have read.


  1. Get well soon, doc!
    Here in America, estrangement between siblings is brought about by public schooling, which teaches you that by far the most important people in your life are your age-group peers in the classroom–much more important than your family. It takes a long, long time to unlearn that lesson–if we ever do.

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    1. I am inclined to think the root of my issues with sibs lies in my own lack of self worth and the divide and rule parenting technique applied when we were in our formative years.


      1. It’s hard to treat children exactly alike–because they aren’t alike. By playing “divide and rule,” well, it’s hard to understand why anyone would do that. But then people are always hard to understand.


  2. That flu is awful. I had it for two weeks in January and it would not leave.
    Sometimes it is hard to express in words what a book means to us. Looking forward to your reviews though – I love them.
    Sibling estrangement is just tough. I own my part like you, although the ball is not in my court. I move on thinking, such is life.

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    1. Thank you for reading. I think I’m beginning to feel better now. My failed relationships are what i use to judge myself even though i am amazed every day at how well i get on with my husband. The taint that seems to colour friendships and family attachments do not seem to affect my relationship with my husband, who has seen me at my worst and loves me unconditionally. I am so lucky to have him and so sad to be so distanced from everyone else at the same time.


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