Book Review: The Headmaster’s Wife by T.C. Greene

A totally mesmerising psychological thriller about a man found wondering naked in Central Park who thinks he is responsible for a murder, or is it just a figment of his fractured mind?

I loved reading this thriller set in a private college in Vermont, a prestigious school with much tradition boasts a special kind of headmaster but when grief and trauma strikes can this person withstand its impact. Supported by his childhood sweetheart and ever-present spouse, the devoted headmaster’s wife, elitism is no shield for grief.

A highly recommended read.

Links to Book:
Amazon UK
Amazon US



  1. This one looks so good. Psych thrillers are some of my favorite reads. Straight thrillers are my favorite genre. I am reading The Cerulean’s Secret at the moment. It’s so good, a med tech side to it but a great thriller. It’s by Dennis Meredith, is his site.


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