Book Review: Dead Ringer by Allen Wyler

When neurosurgeon Lucas McRae goes to demonstrate specialist procedures at a symposium in Hong Kong, he is horrified to identify one of the cadaver heads as belonging to his best-friend, Andy. Could this really be Andy whom he saw a couple of weeks ago looking healthy? On returning to the U.S. he can’t get hold of Andy and no one seems to care that he’s missing, until he meets Detective Sergeant Wendy, who has been following a trail of missing prostitutes. Could these disappearances be linked?

This fast-paced highly enjoyable thriller had me hooked from the very first page. Not only was the premise thrilling but the character development was thorough for a fast-paced thriller. The seedy underbelly of human body parts for sale is a terribly, horrifying prospect and one written to its best advantage in this book to have you at the edge of your seat. If you’re squeamish about body parts this is sure to horrify you.

My only criticism is that this fantastic novel could have been better with a good proof-read to iron out a few errors and typos, however these did not distract too much from my overall enjoyment of this medical suspense crime thriller.

A medical thriller with bite and suspense, a definite must read this year for thriller fans.

Links to Book:
Amazon UK
Amazon US


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