Jenna has been without her mother since she was three years old after inexplicable events at the Elephant Sanctuary where her parents worked left a woman dead, her mother wounded and her father with a mental breakdown from which he never recovered. What happened that tragic and fateful night? Maybe with her help of Serenity, a psychic and a private investigator, Jenna will finally find the answers she has been searching for.

With exceptional story-telling skills Picoult once again spins a yarn to keep me mesmerised. I found the character of serenity particularly captivating. There is a lot of information in this book about elephants and if you have no discernable interest in them and are very unlikely to develop any, then this could be a heavy going and dull read. However, that being said I did not see the twist in this one coming and was left practically winded when I neared the end.

As an animal lover I found the information about cruelty physical and emotional to majestic elephants hard to read, particularly when this cruelty is directed at young members of the species, although I applaud Picoult for raising awareness of these issues.

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