Book Review: Twenty-Nine and a Half Reasons by Denise Grover Swank

The second instalment in The Rose Gardner Mysteries, sees Joe back at his job in Little Rock while Rose remains in Henryetta and is called up to do jury service. Arriving late due to a number of mishaps that could surely only befall her, Rose has a vision in the men’s bathroom, which has a strong bearing on the case she is to hear.

I love reading the character of Rose Gardner, she is funny and quirky and a bit of an underdog, which makes her very appealing. it was satisfying to see Rose develop from the sheltered recluse she was prior to her mother’s death in the first book. The pace of this mystery was perfect to keep me interested and had enough revelations to keep it gripping. With the introduction of new character Mason Devereaux, assistant district attorney and a new friend for Rose, Neely Kate, I found this book even more entertaining than the first one. What I enjoy is the humour in these books, which has me laughing out loud whilst not compromising on the plot, mystery and characterisation in the novel.

I know I am behind on my Rose Gardner Mysteries, as there are six books in the series now and I hope to bring the next one to my blog very soon.

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    1. There are two novellas too which slot into the series. I read this one through Kindle Unlimited but sadly the books are no longer available to read for free through this subscription.


  1. When I was a kid the only novels I read for a long time were detective stories, but apart from a couple of Agatha Christies I haven’t really picked one up in a while. At least not one of the old school, which these days are called cozies. Light-hearted humour, likeable protagonist, little or no overt sex or violence, that sort of thing.


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