Recently I have felt bombarded by film adaptations of books I have read and loved. I seem to avoid watching films based on books I have read, for example, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is a much loved read for me, but I shy from seeing the film as I don’t want my perception of it tainted by someone else’s adaptation. The same goes for Divergent but not The Hunger Games, which I eagerly watched and forgave discrepancies between book and film. Go figure!

It seems I’m inexplicably selectively reticent about seeing films based on bestselling books; I was a huge fan of The Silence of the Lambs and the related films that followed. I loved The Woman In Black by Susan Hill and tolerated the film that followed. I would love to see The Woman in Black: The Angel of Death, the second film playing in the cinema currently but I see both of these films as a completely different entity to the book. Perhaps because I love horrors I am compelled to see one based on a book I read without worrying about it tainting my idea of the book?

I loved the film The Ring and it’s sequel and eagerly await the third film which has been in the ether for some time now. I read the first book Ring by Koji Suzuki but drifted away from finishing the second book Loop. It bore no resemblance to the film sequel and took the story in an entirety different direction, but I love horror and am willing to overlook discrepancies between The Ring franchise and the original books they are based on.

I am currently reading Travelling To Infinity: My Life With Stephen by Jane Hawking and am firmly perched on the fence whether to see the film, The Theory of Everything, based on the book,  in the cinema or not. The book is quite an extensive account of Jane’s life with Stephen Hawking during their twenty-five year marriage and a film adaptation would really have to be something to capture the inspiring spirit of a woman, who jumped into a marriage with a man who, although brilliant, was physically dependent on her. I have deep admiration and respect for Jane Hawkings, but I fear seeing her characterised on screen will ruin my idea and concept of her life formed from the book.

I have yet to see the TV adaptation of The Thirteenth Tale and The Ice-Cream Girls. Both books are up there among my all time favourites and part of me, of course, wants to see the characters come to life but I am again wary of the adaptation spoiling my view of the book.

I tolerate the TV adaptation of the Tess Gerritsen books, Rizzoli and Isles. I think the characters are very likeable on screen but they bear very little resemblance to the characters in the books. Again, I see the TV series as a separate entity to the books.

I suspect I will go and see The Woman In Black: The Angel of Death,  but I doubt I will muster the will to see The Theory of Everything, despite verging on the edge of hero worship of the pragmatic and selfless Jane Hawking.