Ashes is sixteen, she lives with her mum and dresses like the brother she lost two years ago. One day she notices a video she has not made uploaded to her YouTube account. This mysterious video is of her, taken by her late brother at a time when everything in her life was different. As more videos appear Ashes goes on the trail to figure out who is posting these videos and why now?

I loved the way suspense was built up in this thriller, even though Ashes is a teenager and struggling with being a teenager and the major life event of losing her brother and the fall out from this catastrophe, she is compellingly readable and the narrative, written from her point of view, puts you right there in her shoes. From the teenage angst to the real issues of dealing with death and loss, this book portrays the kaleidoscope of emotions this poor girl experiences whilst caught between being a child and adult.

A very skilfully written suspense thriller that haunts you. this book is available to read for free to Kindle Unlimited Subscribers.

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