#10Books set in Calcutta

These books have to hit my tbr lists immediately…

Leeds Reads

Sea of poppiesEven if you don’t have a trip to India planned, these evocative novels will transport you.

Sea of poppies by Amitav Ghosh The background to this historical adventure is the Opium Wars. The story revolves around the Ibis, an old slaving-ship voyaging across the Indian Ocean, its crew made up of sailors and stowaways, coolies and convicts, representing Westerners and Indians respectively. Slowly they start considering themselves as ship-brothers

The midnight palace by Carlos Ruiz Zafón From the author of ‘The Shadow of the Wind’, the haunting story of a secret society and a labyrinthine railway station with a dark past. 1916, Calcutta. A man pauses for breath outside the ruins of Jheeter’s Gate station knowing he has only hours to live. Pursued by assassins, he must ensure the safety of two newborn twins, before disappearing into the night to meet his fate.

The Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri Epic in…

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