Book Review: Probability of Detection by Michael Manley

Marshall Cameron, a retired newscaster goes missing from his exclusive retirement home, he has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, his daughter Darcy is a voluntary member of the local search and rescue organisation but when local agencies are pushed aside when a mysterious National Search Agency takes over, Darcy is bewildered as to why her father’s disappearance gets such attention and decides to look for clues of her own. However, when her father makes contact asking for her help Darcy wonders if he is in danger but when he fails to recognise her she discounts this suspicion and her father ends up back in his retirement home from where he tried to escape. His actions are put down to delusions characteristic of his illness, but Marshall Cameron appears lucid so guilt ridden Darcy investigates his claims and is astonished at what she unearths, can she protect her father?

A highly enjoyable mystery/suspense thriller, well-written and well researched and extremely gripping. The characters are believable and I cannot recommend this read enough. The first third of the book barely captures the depth that the story plunges and the last fifth of the book reaches a fever-pitch climax that allows everything to fall into place.

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