The Terrible Twos

Not that I like to harp on a point, but my blog was 2 years old yesterday. It’s been 2 years since I found a voice and readers. It’s been an interesting 2 years with much self-discovery but even more self-flagellation. I have been fortunate to have unconditional love, support and honest feedback in that time. I am no better at taking care of myself, although some days are better than others and my Freudian treatment continues. Despite the fact I know so little about myself and what I need and want for me, I am blessed with the best companion and friend I could hope to have.

I have reflected a lot in the past year and if there is one regret I have it has to be being hard on my own sex. Somewhere along the line I have been conditioned to judge women linearly and harshly, I suspect it’s because I have been harshly judged and have accepted such treatment as the norm from both other men and women. However, my weekly treatment made me realise we all make mistakes and that is allowed, we all have free will to make choices and that is allowed too. Those doing the judging should worry about the choices they are making and leave everyone else alone. There is no cheat for life, no special code to give you infinite lives in relationships, no guarantee against poor health and no promise of everything you think you want and need for you to have the life you plan.

The only constant in life is you, so tending to yourself, learning about yourself and improving yourself should be the curriculum at all ages. I wish I had started at an earlier age.

If I could do anything I wanted I would wish to have infinite access to books and cats, friends to talk books and cats with and not have to worry about money, bills, what car I drive, competing with others and that is what I have, so I cannot complain about my lot in life, in fact I am grateful and humbled by what I have and only hope I continue to deserve the blessings bestowed upon me.

Wishing my readers, fellow bloggers, book lovers and cat friends a Happy New Year and a prosperous 2015 in finding what you truly want and need.



    1. Me too. It has special significance for me in that a few didn’t and still don’t want me to blog and a few don’t like my reviews either. I neither ask nor require their permission or approval.

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