Book Review: From The Cradle by Louise Voss and Mark Edwards

Frankie Philips goes missing from her home when her parents go out for a meal leaving her with her 15 year old half-sister. Two other children have been abducted locally and DI David Lennon is convinced the abductions are by the same culprit but the case is harder to break than he thought leaving him full of self-doubt and guilt at possibly not finding Frankie in time.

A far from stagnant police procedural, which had me guessing right until the end, and every time I thought I had worked it out the plot shifted and revealed a little more. I have read a number of police procedurals over the years and I have to say until I read this one they ranked last in my choice of crime thrillers as there are only so many, flawed, grey, stuffy detectives embroiled in the usual workplace politics you can read about before it gets old very quick, but what made this book different was the time spent developing the characters and the enthralling nature of the story which moved at quite a pace.

I know there will be some criticism from fans of psychological thrillers of there being less of the psychological element to this story and more of a police procedural flavour to this crime novel, but for me, this was not a bad thing as pulling off a police procedural whilst keeping readers excited all the way through non-stop is harder to pull off in my opinion.

This book is available to read for free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

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