Loss of Reading Mojo and Hidden Object Games on Kindle Fire

After my last book review post, I found it increasingly difficult to enjoy reading. The next few, books I picked up were not for me and for variety and a change of pace (not to mention, to indulge my geeky nature) I decided to dispel any myths of not being able to play/enjoy gaming on my Kindle Fire HDX

The first game I tried was Twin Moons where a memory impaired scientist has to find objects to help him uncover the mystery of his past. I found the graphics and game play impressive and easy to use. The story was enthralling enough to keep me playing on. I experienced no technical glitches and although I did download the game for free, I found it interesting and enjoyable enough to purchase the full game. This ‘try before you buy’ concept works well for apps and games as I downloaded a variety of games, including The Sims, for free but didn’t like them all enough to purchase the full versions.

After Twin Moons, which took a day of game play to finish I chose to play Time Mysteries: Inheritance, another hidden object game but this one also has time travel to make it more interesting. Again no technical glitches and immediate download took away any obstacles I may have had to playing the game and I quickly fell into the story, this time with a female protagonist, who despite the plumy English accent, was likeable.

I liked the Time Mysteries: Inheritance game enough to buy the next two: Time Mysteries 2: The Ancient Spectres and Time Mysteries 3: The Final Enigma. The games did get a little repetitive but enjoyable nonetheless.

Other games I tried were Nightmares from the Deep: Davy Jones, Collector’s Edition and The Sims. This was my first experience of the Sims and the game just was not my cup of tea and I did not go on to purchase the full game. Nightmares From The Deep, however was a good game with a decent storyline, which I found easy to play and get into.

I will be trying a few more games to see if my experience of gaming gets better or just repetitive. These games are a welcome distraction and down time companions, but so were Cafe World and Farmville for a few weeks. Thankfully these games are not infinite and there is an end within a day or two.


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  1. Sometimes we all need a break. I’ve gone through a spat of unimpressive books before and it was only through trying something different that I was able to rekindle my love of reading. Actually, it was through trying a completely different genre, but I like to play games too 🙂


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