Book Review: We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

Cadence Sinclair Eastman is nearly 18, she endured an accident 2 years ago, which caused her to have selective amnesia. She returns to the family island where the accident happened for the summer and has to piece together her memories and the incidents that led up to that fateful night when everything changed.

A short read but chilling nonetheless, I didn’t see the twist coming so it had the full effect of winding me. The story is told from Cadences’ point of view, I enjoyed the King Leah references and the complexity of the family politics. The book was very enjoyable to read:

“That first night, I cried and bit my fingers and drank wine I snuck from the Clairmont pantry. I spun violently into the sky, raging and banging stars from their moorings, swirling and vomiting. I hit my fist into the wall of the shower. I washed off shame and anger in cold, cold water. Then I shivered in my bed like the abandoned dog that I was, my skin shaking over my bones.”

Lockhart knows how to build suspense and paces the book to maximum effect and this well-written book is a must read for thriller fans.

Links to the book:

Amazon UK

Amazon US




  1. I know my friend has bought me this for Christmas even though it is a short read, I am looking forward to it. I like the sound of a surprising plot twist!


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