Book Review: The Last Town (The Waywood Pines Book 3) by Blake Crouch

The stunning conclusion to the Waywood Pines trilogy hits the ground running as we return to see David Pilcher act on his threat when he gave Ethan Burke an ultimatum at the end of the second book. Now that the truth is out there, so are the abbies, but more heartache is to come Ethan’s way as against all odds Adam Hassler returns and Theresa has to choose between him and Ethan. But the abbies aren’t the only threat to what remains of humanity.

This did read very much like an episode of The Walking Dead, but not in a bad way and knowing that this was the final part in the trilogy I think all lose ends were tied up but there is room to ruminate over a further series of books possibly with Ethan as a lead character? Anyway, I was taken away with the action and difficult choices of the last part and would recommend the trilogy highly.

Links to book:

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