The Best ‘Mr Men’ Book Reviews You’ll Ever Read

The best book reviews I have ever read!

J.M. Weselby @ Magpie Creative Writing Services

Every now and again, the Internet offers you an absolute gem – this is one of those times. Thought you were familiar with Hargreaves’ Mr Men series? Think again!

Original credit goes to Hamilton Richardson – his original reviews can be seen via Amazon by linking here.


Entitled ‘A Timely Meditation

“What a triumph it is, this Nietzschean parable of the Superman. Mr Strong’s very being brims with the Will To Power, for which his physical strength is not a delicate metaphor. He hammers a nail into walls with his finger, he ties a knot in an iron bar.

Furthermore, he manifests this sheer force and charisma often quite despite himself. He tears a door off its hinges totally by accident, and barely notices as a bus is written off in collision with him. The symbolism of both of these events is important. The incident with the door makes…

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