Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Owners Lending Library

I am now subscribed to both Kindle Unlimited and the Kindle Owners Lending Library, so authors seeking reviews who do not have a mobi file of their book but have made the book available through either of these routes to Amazon customers, can just email me for a review at with a brief synopsis and link to their book.

Both these schemes make economic and logistical sense to me as a prolific reader and reviewer as I don’t read a book more than once and don’t mind not having it in my Kindle library and the subscription charge for Kindle Unlimited, £7.99, is worth it as it does reduce my overall monthly spend on books. It is a shame that a lot of popular titles aren’t part of the scheme and only approximately one third of my book wish list was reduced by subscribing to Kindle Unlimited and the Kindle I have does not allow for books to be narrated to me, but this has meant a significant saving for me, this month at least, so I have to recommend it.

With Kindle Unlimited I can borrow up to 10 books on my Kindle at a time, and once I’ve read a book I just return it by removing it from my device. Initially I did baulk at the monthly subscription rate but objectively £7.99 is the cost of about 2 Kindle titles and allows free access to a large number of books and at this point in time seems worth it to me.

The Kindle Owners Lending Library seems to overlap with Kindle Unlimited and is part of the Amazon Prime package. You do need to own a Kindle device to make use of this feature. I can only borrow one book at a time from the Kindle Owners Lending Library and I am not sure it is worth £79 alone and up till now has made no significant contribution to reducing my book expenditure. If this changes I will blog about it.

Prime membership is useful for utilising Amazon Instant Video and if you regularly buy stuff from Amazon and need fast delivery. Again I am not convinced the £79 price tag of this service is a significant saving in the case of delivery charges and paying £79 upfront is not better than £5/month charge for old Lovefilm customers. If my skepticism over Amazon Prime changes you’ll be the first to know.

Kindle Unlimited is good news for reviewers and prolific readers out there, but you will need to look at your wishlist of books and decide for yourself if it is a significant saving for you to pay this monthly subscription.

Kindle Unlimited UK

Kindle Unlimited US

Kindle Owners Lending Library US

Kindle Owners Lending Library UK



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