Reassurance For My Blog Readers and Authors

After much hullabaloo over That Guardian article and resulting blog posts I read I was left feeling bewildered that anyone would take the time to assume an identity to spew such negativity. Is there really any pleasure to be had trashing anything with such vigor?

I really do hope I am not perceived as a “number one critic” by any author, whose book I have reviewed. I can honestly say other than using my real name or blog name, Ajoobacats as a username, I have no other identities I post under in social media and have never felt the need to assume another identity. I see no purpose in starting a campaign against any book or person.

I basically try to write down what I thought of a book. This can be quite difficult for me as an individual, as formulating words to describe emotions evoked within me has barriers I am actively dealing with. Whenever I start reading a book, I start with the hope I will love it, because I love reading. I am disappointed more than I can say when that journey I have chosen to take isn’t what I hoped it would be. This does not make the book bad, but just means it’s not a book for me, it will, no doubt, have other readers who will like/love it and my search for the next great book continues.

I am grateful to authors who have contacted me for or about book reviews. Over the few years I have been writing reviews I have grown as a person and as a blogger. My tastes in books have undergone subtle transitions month-to-month, I have had the pleasure of reading the work of fellow bloggers and taking the leap to do things I would have retreated from a year ago. I thank everyone who has taken any time to read my blog or a review I have written. I hope middle-of-road reviewers like me aren’t judged by the action of the more vitriolic reviewers out there. Everyone is different and should be allowed to be so without censure.



  1. Good grief, I’ve just read the article and it’s left me cold. You are definitely NOT like that, your reviews are extremely mild and interesting in comparison, you are someone who shows you enjoy reading and you’ll always have my support.

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  2. I know the article of which you speak! I used to think most people on the internet were awful, but luckily I have found that there are many genuine people like you! Of course after reading that article I’m a little wary but truth be told any review that is raving with explicit language and no reasoned argument for why they didn’t like the book, I tend to just ignore them. It is hard to put emotions into words sometimes, but you still seem to treat books with respect so I know I can trust your reviews. There will always be outliers (those who rate books 5 stars because they ‘know it will be fantastic’ ie they haven’t even read it yet are just as guilty), it’s middle-of-the-road reviewers like you that give the book a true score. I hope I manage the same in my reviews. Although I did just do a very ranty review…. Hm. Might have to watch myself.


    1. Thank you Marigold, you are very kind. I agree its very premature to rate a book 5 stars when you havent read it. I read the first 2 books of The Clifton Vhronicles by Jeffery Archer and enjoyed them but the 3rd book is proving very difficult to get into, so good prequels are no guarantee. I think honest reviews are also constructive feedback so there is a place for the ranty review, I just don’t feel brave enough to write them.

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