Book Review: Ring by Koji Suzuki

The death of four teenagers from “sudden heart failure”, piques the interest of investigative journalist Asakawa, who traces their movements in the last week of their lives to Villa Log Cabins, where he finds a videotape which terrifies him as he is given a week to live after he has watched it.

As much as I enjoyed The Ring starring Naomi Watts a decade ago, I must say in the original book has hidden depths and detail that was somewhat dumbed down to give the film mass market allure. In this English translated Japanese version I found a much more compelling premise in this first part of the Ring trilogy. There are a few clumsy sentences as the translation is kept close to Japanese original but they can be overlooked as so much more is offered in return. Instead of Samara, we have Sadako about whom we learn more surprising detail but like the film, this first part leaves me wanting to read more.

An atmospheric and terrifying read.


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