Book Review: Mad Dog Justice by Mark Rubinstein

Danny is shot in his office while he’s on the phone to his wife, a few days later a doctor working at the hospital his best friend works at is shot too, the bullets in both shootings match but why would anyone try to kill Danny and his best-friend and blood brother Roddy? To cap it off Detective Morgan suspects that Danny and Roddy are up to their necks in something illegal and, like a dog with a bone, he won’t let it go.

I really enjoyed this mystery/suspense thriller, I enjoyed the characterisations and the friendship between Danny and Roddy. Roddy, a general surgeon, undergoes a metamorphosis from a working surgeon to a very able investigator during the course of the book. The investigative path they both take was enthralling and kept the plot interesting and the conclusion was not completely predictable. There were points in the book where a good editing could have reduced some of the unnecessary repetition, but although this is a sequel I had no difficulty reading it without having read the first book. I was jolted by a jump in the plot: one chapter Danny is planning a visit to ply someone with laxatives and the next the whole encounter is concluded, which was a shame as I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall at that meeting.

However, the book was strong enough to emerge from the cons and still be a cracking read. I really am looking forward to the next one and am missing Roddy and Danny already.


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