Book Review: Dreamcatcher by Beverley Jones

Two tragic, seemingly accidents kill sisters Ruth Russell and Rae Andrews leaving Ellis Andrews, Rae’s husband with a huge number of questions and nightmares. However, Ellis isn’t the only one left with questions and nightmares over the loss of his wife and sister-in-law on the same road in Boston a year to the day apart.

This isn’t the first thriller I have read by Beverley Jones and Dreamcatcher promised much in the blurb and started with a lot of potential. Jones captures Ellis’ grief, anguish and confusion very well and spins a good supernatural angle through the nightmares experienced by Rae and Ellis, which adds another dimension to this thriller. I did find, however, that the book lost pace around the 60% mark, which didn’t quite come back until I was reading the final part of the story. Like all good thrillers you do suspect everyone at some point of the story but I did correctly predict the conclusion before I got to the end.

I did enjoy reading Dreamcatcher and although it did reach a very satisfying conclusion I felt the story lost a bit of focus at 60% of the way through, but overall was a good thriller.


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