Book Review: Bite: The Most Gripping Thriller You Will Ever Read by Nick Louth

Despite the somewhat lack of imagination and outrageous claim in the title of this complex thriller I was riveted by the race against time to diagnose and manage a new strain of malaria discovered in Holland and the relevance of this threat to our abducted scientist Erica, who was about to present a paper about her breakthrough in treating malaria. However, when Erica is abducted no one could see her boyfriend Max pulling out all the stops to find her despite finding himself a suspect in her disappearance.

As much as I did enjoy this thriller it was not the most gripping one I have or will ever read and it did have a few sticky points in plot too, but overall it was entertaining and the science was interesting. In my opinion it could have done with a good proofread and editing to make it a little less long-winded on the violence and a bit more interesting in the details when tying up loose ends.

A gripping thriller for political and medical thriller fans.


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