Book Review: I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes

An epic thriller, which draws you in and breathlessly takes you through it’s paces.

Scott Murdoch doesn’t exist. He works for an agency that doesn’t exist who are “beyond the CIA,” after 9/11 he decides to leave and reach for normality. He writes a book about investigations and is tracked down. Dragged out of retirement Scott finds himself hunting for a terrorist who is hellbent on unleashing a deadly virus on the USA, can he stop it in time?

What makes this book good is that Scott, our Bondesque protagonist is likeable and has flaws. The characterisations in this book make it larger than life and unputdownable. The action and suspense are top notch and I am left wanting more as i finish this gripping novel.

Absolutely the most riveting thriller I have read this year. The pace, the character and the many layers of plot make this book a worthwhile read. If you read only one thriller this year make sure it’s this one.


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