In the distant, distant future after The Great Chaos, there will exist a society of Alleshi and Aleman, who will ensure that peace prevails and spreads through the world. However, there will also be the Mwertik, a people who will refuse to trade or negotiate and will kill on sight. Richa a is a widow who decides to devote the rest of her life as an Allesha to uphold and propagate the values of this enlightened society, her first boy, her Winter Boy, Ryl, is a problem boy, exactly the type of boy she has been trained to nurture, but during the course of her season with him events and facts come to light which challenge Rishana’s faith and trust, culminating in the most shocking events her society has known.

Not my usual sort of read but once I got into this book I was mesmerised. The plot layers and the characters made it compelling reading, which spoke to me on so many different levels. This book is not one that is easy to read or one that can be rushed, but if you have the patience to actually go where it is taking you this is a very rewarding read that raises your self-awareness in a way that only great books do.

A literary triumph in my opinion and I cannot wait to read what happens next in this story of the preservation of peace.