Book Review: Delusional by Scott Spotson and Sue Publicover

Patricia Fowler, keeps herself to herself, is diligent at work and at taking care if herself until she falls for Paul Blast, not her direct boss but her superior at the same company. Paul is in what appears to be an unhappy marriage with Wendy who is a very odd ball indeed. Once Wendy is aware of Patricia, a threat to her marriage, strange things happen to Patricia which leads her to hire a private detective to find out who is stalking her.

This romance thriller with a paranormal twist started off pretty well and I must say I enjoyed reading it up until it lost direction and pace. The added dimension of the museum heists didn’t really fit into the story well for me and seemed to slip into a side story even though the book started off with the theft of The Hope Diamond.

A rather unusual read for me, which is fine as I a not opposed to quirky reads, but unfortunately didn’t quite carry on with the pace and interest it started with, which is a shame as this did have potential at the start.


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