Book Review: Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes

Detroit PD Detective Gabi Versado leads the investigation into the most troubling murder scene she has ever had to deal with. The death of a child mutilated and attached to animal remains. Who could do such a thing? However, the situation worsens as another bizarre murder scene comes to light and it appears there’s a serial killer mutilating bodies across Detroit.

I really wanted to like this horror thriller and although we start off knowing where the bad guy is, it lost some of the malevolence and frightening suspense and atmosphere in preference to a more arty bohemian content. Initially this read as a crime thriller until you read more about Clayton Broom but it wasn’t enough to make this thrilling or scared for me. I do enjoy horror books from Stephen King, Susan Little and James Herbert but this just did not reach the high notes of fear and anticipation I associate with these authors. The book appealed to me primarily because of it’s cover but the storyline just wasn’t strong enough for me to recommend it to my blog readers. The parallel stories of Cas and Layla were engaging and kept it more interesting but I list interest in TK well before the end. Most of the action seems to occur from 78% to the end of the internal affairs report. I’m glad I kept reading just to read the conclusion but I am unlikely to pick up a future title by this author.


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