Book Review: Prime Deception by Cerys Jones

After arranging to meet a journalist to tell her kiss and tell story about being the Deputy Prime Minister’s Mistress for 6 months, Lorna dies in a car crash that has been ruled suicide, but her sister, Laurie doesn’t believe that Lorna would take her her own life. She vows to get to the bottom of what happened to Lorna and to do so she steps into her sisters shoes and internship at Downing Street inviting a possible killer to show themselves.

With suspects galore this book gets underway quite well and I really did enjoy the first half of it, but the second half was a little repetitive and lost pace , which was surprising as the plot was literally getting thicker with new possible suspects. By the time the story reached a crescendo and finished I unfortunately was not as interested in finding out who did it, even though I had predicted correctly within the first quarter of the book.

The premise of this book was good but somehow it didn’t quite come off in the execution, better editing in the second half may have made the pace more consistent.


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