Advance Book Review: Because She Loves Me by Mark Edwards

I was delighted and honoured to be contacted by the author to review this book via ARC from Netgalley.

Andrew Sumner has met the woman of dreams, Charlie, and cannot believe she is interested in him. She’s gorgeous, smart and funny, but they struggle with her inane jealousy towards other women in his life. Strange events start to occur like Andrew’s female friends on Facebook unfriending him, a break-in at his ex-girlfriends house and threats made against his best-friend, who is also female. Is the love of his life Charlie behind these events? Could her jealousy be so deep rooted and powerful that it defies any sense of decency she might have?

After reading the roller coaster solo debut psychological thriller The Magpies from Mark Edwards, which is a hard act to follow in my opinion, this book does not disappoint. Because She Loves Me is a superb psychological thriller, which I found completely unpredictable until the end. A riveting read because as always the premise is about scary things that could happen to anybody. The terrifying sequences kept me glued to this book, I found the characters well developed and the cameo appearance of Lucy Newton from The Magpies added to the chill factor. This is definitely an engrossing page turner from a very capable thriller writer. After you’ve turned the very last page, this book will haunt you. When’s the next one out?

Because she Loves Me by Mark Edwards will be released on 2nd September 2014 but is available for pre-order from Amazon.



  1. I liked this observation: “A riveting read because as always the premise is about scary things that could happen to anybody.” That is just so true!


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