Book Review: A Family Affair (Truth in Lies book 1) by Mary Campisi

Christine is blindsided when she discovers her late father had another life and family miles away from his Chicago home and lucrative family business. Her competitive and elite world clashes against the life he kept hidden from her. This revelation leads to Christine finding out just how much she has been kept in the dark from the reality of those around her as much as those she has yet to know.

An entertaining read that kept me turning the pages due largely because this sort of scenario is possible and has hit headlines around the world before. This book goes a step further by looking at how such a situation impacts those involved and what would compel anyone to lead separate lives in this way. The themes of duty and family legacy are explored here as are the emotions of having an imperfect child in a society that values aesthetics and perfection above all.

I did enjoy reading this book but it did not go quite to the depth of human emotion and conflict that I was expecting, however it did approach Down’s Syndrome sensitively with real insight. The first in a series of an entertaining family saga.


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