Book Review: Covert by Natasha Preston

Nineteen year old MacKenzie and her friends plan a weekend away at a cabin in the woods, but their weekend of drinking, fun and frolics ends tragically in the gruesome murder of two of the group. With no evidence of forced entry suspicion falls on one of them as the murderer but who and why would they do such a thing? Whilst under suspicion herself MacKenzie decides to investigate what actually happened and uncovers secrets hidden deep within her treasured friendships.

Having read other books by Natasha Preston I thought I would give Covert a read and although the mystery part kept me turning the pages I have to admit the book irritated me in places too. The murder mystery core is strong and what kept me persisting through the cringeworthy bickering between MacKenzie and Blake. I was disappointed with the one dimensional characterisations and unfortunately did not identify with MacKenzie enough to like the book from her narrative.

A passable thriller but with no memorable characters nor a feeling of satisfaction once the mystery is solved. I have mixed feelings about this one but give kudos for keeping me reading to the last page.


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