The tinted glass ceiling: Asian women at work part 1

British Asian Woman

The Need for Mentors

Last Wednesday I had the privilege of hosting a Twitter chat for a networking group for South Asian women called Asian Women Mean Business (AWMB). Our topic was the experiences of Asian women in the workplace. Social networking can sometimes feel a bit meaningless, so it was really refreshing to connect with this group of like-minded women; and it was wonderful to find empathy in the challenges we face as Desi women. It was clear from the comments that for British Asian women today, the glass ceiling is definitely tinted: that both our gender AND our ethnicity act as barriers to career progression.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting a series of blogs highlighting both the challenges that British Asian women face in the workplace as well as discussing solutions to some of those issues. I’m dedicating the series to the founders and members of AWMB.

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