Book Review: What You Wish For by Mark Edwards

I loved The Magpies so was looking forward to reading this second solo psychological thriller from Mark Edwards and although not quite as chilling as The Magpies, What You Wish For, did have me spellbound for the just under 6 hours it took me to read it.

When local newspaper photographer and cynic Richard Thompson comes home one evening to find his UFO-believer girlfriend Marie gone, he starts an investigation that leads him to the darker elements of ufology. Richard is determined to find the love of his life but has she been taken or does she choose to be hidden. His search for Marie takes him to America and back and his quest “to save her,” leads him to more than he bargained for.

There’s obviously a lot about ufology in this book and no matter which side of the argument you believe in the subject is an interesting one that Edwards presents in an alluring light. Richard, our protagonist, is a non-believer, so most readers will relate with him when dealing with this subject matter but the questions that arise in the book are about what happens when one half of a couple has strong beliefs and the other doesn’t? Richards despair at losing Marie and the length he goes to find her are heartening and as the reader you feel you can relate to what Richard is going through but equally you are presented with the impact of Marie’s beliefs on their relationship and the impact on her of Richards cynicism about ufology. This was a good read but it didn’t have the same impact on me as The Magpies and I suspect this is because what happens in The Magpies could be happening next door whereas believing in ufology or knowing someone who does is further removed from our daily grinds.

As always Mark Edwards presents a well-written psychological thriller with a decent pace and a captivating plot. This isn’t The Magpies part two and I think if you get this expecting that you will be disappointed but it’s still up there as one of the better thrillers I have read this year.


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