Book Review: The Experiment of Dreams by Brandon Zenner

“Not all Memories are Truths, Not all Dreams are Lies”

A captivating Fringe fiction thriller. Ben leads a solitary life tending bar a few times a week and being paid to partake in medical trials linked to his past history of migraine and sleep studies. He is approached by a private company to take part in controversial trials which uncover things from his past that were hidden from him. The result of this new experimentation leaves Ben unsure of what is real and what he has concocted in his mind.

The fictional technology in this thriller is very original and mind-bending. I was hooked to the story from the start and although some aspects of the story I could see coming a lot of the revelations still kept me on the edge if my seat. Well-written bar a few typos in the mobi file I reviewed, I found this book easy to read, put down and pick up. The characters were adequate, Ben the protagonist being the most complex and you got a grandfatherly feel for Peter Wulfric from the start. The sinister Mr Kalispell is a shadowy villain.

Overall I enjoyed the book and the dramatic conclusion.


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