A Review News Update

Every now and again I forget why I decided an ereader was for me and I buy a paper book or two a year. This year I bought Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs and the sequel to this book Hollow City in paperback. After about a third of the way through the first book I came across something I needed to highlight and share, but this isn’t so straightforward when reading a paperback, so I did something I have never done before: bought both books on Kindle too.

I felt immediately and irredeemably guilty and listed the first paperback for sale on Amazon to curb the damage of my excess, after all that is money I could have donated to a charity, saved, spent on cats or put away for our numerous cat expenses. (I haven’t sold it yet so if you want said book it’s listed for £3.99 plus P&P.) Buying duplicate books when I have such a voracious appetite for books is still something I have unresolved feelings about.

So just in case I am tempted to make the same mistake again, this blog post is to remind me: I definitely don’t do print books anymore. Sad though this might be on so many levels, the threat of loss, damage and cat tantrums are just too much to face, let alone the loss of telling everyone I know on social media what I am reading and what page I’m on etc. is just not acceptable when reading print books.

My streak of publishing a book review a day ran from 20th June to 26th June. I hope in future to attempt this daring and foolhardy challenge again, but for now those who read my reviews will have to take them as they come in dribs and drabs.


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