Book Review: The Tsunami That Reshaped America by James W Mercer


This is the second stand alone book I have read from this author and this techno-political-thriller was absolutely electrifying from the first page. Incandescent with rage and hatred far right militia in the USA work with considerable financial backing to bring about a natural disaster that would cost thousands of lives. Dr Mark Malloy a geologist is kidnapped by America First to realise their dastardly plan but the didn’t count on his wife Gilda Malloy being the unstoppable force that fouls their plans for her. Can the Malloys and their friends stop the disaster that’s impending?

This moderately paced thriller is very entertaining and I was totally absorbed by the characters and the plight of the Malloys. The villains are ruthless and time is of the essence. I loved the strong and unstoppable Gilda Malloy who goes all out to rescue her husband and has to circumvent those who are hindering her path to save her husband. A very satisfying read in places and definitely the best book I have read from James W. Mercer.

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