Book Review: Black Lotus by Lita Lepie


Lotus Williams is given a second chance at being a law enforcement officer by Chief of Police Francesca Corelli. Corelli has cleaned up her town and is a formidable woman and chief, but there is a leak in the department which leads to the brutal killing of an undercover police officer. The crime has been made to look as if it is a gang shooting and there is unusually a witness willing to testify too. Can they keep him alive and who is behind the killing?

A crime mystery that was fast-paced and riveting to read, I loved the strong female characters in this hard-boiled thriller and was sorry when I had reached the end of the book as I felt like I had only just got to know the characters. The narrative is unusual as the book is narrated by various characters from the start. It kicks of with Butch Roman, a detective and Corelli’s lover. Through different a perspectives the story unfolds and I really hope there is a second book revisiting these sensational characters.

My only criticism of this book was that it wasn’t long enough, I wanted to read more about Lotus and where she goes next. I read very few paper books and I made an exception for Black Lotus and I’m glad I did. The book is beautifully presented. The story unfolds to give you a sinister view of what really is going on. It isn’t easy to tell the good guys from the bad in this hard boiled crime thriller.

At this time Black Lotus by Lita Lepie is only available from Treasure Chest Press Publishers


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